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How to Prepare for a Virtual Session

Identify a safe secure space to access your online session if not in person. A place that makes you feel comfortable free of distractions. Check your equipment & verify all your information is up to date, including insurance. Make sure you can access the platform before the appointment in order to have enough time for your scheduled appointment and reduce issues. Ask questions. The initial meeting with therapist is to determine if you and the therapist are an appropriate fit. Reading an online bio is not enough to determine if a therapist is the right fit for you. Make sure the ask the therapist questions you need to assess if the therapist is knowledgeable in the area you are needing. Identify what you want to gain out of therapy or hopes for therapy, the more information the therapist knows about your expectations for therapy the better the therapist can assist. It's important to find a good fit for you, it’s ok to try a few different therapists to assess which feels right for you.

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